Underground Utility Surveys

Underground surveying is a process of identifying and mapping any assets below the surface, establishing the position and depth of the underground services, structures and other potential hazards that can hinder a planned construction project on a plot of land. Bristol Measured Survey collects data for use in feasibility, design and construction of projects all across Bristol and UK through our efficient underground surveying services, utilising non-intrusive methods.

Why use Bristol’s Underground Survey?

Advanced Equipment

Our surveyors have expertise and knowledge of GPR, EML & GPS, among other underground surveying equipment.

Minimised Risks

Our underground surveys will accurately show the exact positions of the underground utilities, preventing risks of unnecessary excavation

Compliance with the health and safety regulations

We have highly trained and qualified professionals, complying with all the health and safety regulations as well as the BSI standards – PAS 128 Surveys.

Reliable Results

Receive a detailed and accurate technical report, 2D CAD drawings and 3D models from our professional utility surveys.

Our underground surveying process

Underground surveys are done from ground level using non-intrusive techniques. Advances in specialist mapping technology transmit an electromagnetic or radio wave pulse into the ground, capturing data for analysis by software. To establish the position of utilities, such as plastic pipes, communication cables, fibre optic cables, metallic pipes, voids, any anomalies, and more. Our specialists use the latest technology for underground surveying, including the Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Equipment. Underground surveying is usually accompanied by drain and CCTV surveys using robotic cameras, concrete and rebar scanning, and full digital imagery.

Why do you need an underground survey service?

An accurate underground survey will provide a clear picture of what exactly is below the ground on your proposed development site. Our experienced surveyors using high-standard underground equipment provide confidential reports, with details of location of every utility infrastructure. Underground surveying services will provide you with valuable data on the condition of all utility services that you plan to use. In addition, any utilities that you plan to use should be surveyed to determine if the pipework is in good working condition.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Nancita Rumbaoa
Nancita Rumbaoa
Requested a measured building survey and received a quote the next day. Not only are they responsive and care about informing their customers, they also deliver exceptional results with such a quick turnaround. I’m very happy on how the BIM model turned out and will without a doubt contact again!

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