Delivering As Built 3D BIM Models across Bristol

Few architectural plans offer the scale and support that you get from as built 3D BIM models in Bristol.  Otherwise known as Building Information Models, we will scan and supply comprehensive spatial analysis with all the data and annotation you require.  Choose hyper-productive, hyper-precise reporting in multiple exports.

3D Crane BIM Model

Why As Built 3D BIM Models in Bristol?

3D BIM Models lead the way in terms of 3D laser exports. Our 3D Laser scanning to point cloud guarantees complete accuracy to the millimetre of your model, perfect for 360-degree insights and flythroughs.

What we’ll do for you

By 3D laser scanning and setting up as built 3D BIM models, our experienced team can give clients the extra confidence in your building project. Reduce errors and produce perfect results every time without fail.

It’s time to take advantage of architectural design BIMs. Call or book online with us now for a free quote.

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