Delivering As Built 3D BIM Models across Bristol

Our scan to BIM services capture accurate existing images of your building and produce hyper-precise 3D BIM models for the planning, designing and managing of your project. We use Revit software to provide virtual reality experiences when exploring your 3D model of the building. Collaborate, coordinate and optimise your project through 3D BIM modelling. 

Why As Built 3D BIM Models in Bristol?

Our scan to BIM service showcases the reliable capture of measurements and the conditions of your building site. Using 3D laser scanning techniques and a measured building survey service, you will be able to manage your project every step of the way through one 3D model.

What we’ll do for you

With 3D laser scanning technology and expertise in the BIM modelling process, our experienced team can give clients the extra confidence in your building project. Reduce errors and produce perfect results every time without fail.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Nancita Rumbaoa
Nancita Rumbaoa
Requested a measured building survey and received a quote the next day. Not only are they responsive and care about informing their customers, they also deliver exceptional results with such a quick turnaround. I’m very happy on how the BIM model turned out and will without a doubt contact again!

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Scan to 3D BIM Models