Providing Large Scale Laser Scanning Service In Bristol

Are you looking to scan your interior space in a fast and effective way? Bristol measured Survey offers a range of services for you to complete your project in a successful system. Our portable laser scanning service will capture complete data for the production of flawless as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models.

How do we complete our large-scale scanning service?

Our proficient team uses a high-standard handheld scanner with a range of 100m to capture the site's features, even when further apart. Our lightweight and non-invasive equipment will process all 3D Point cloud data and import into AutoCAD software to create your floor plans or Revit software for 3D BIM Models.

Why use Bristol Measured Survey services?

3D Laser Scanning is the prime choice when completing your construction and architectural project. With trustworthy and high-quality equipment, our experts will achieve extraordinary results as we focus on precision, accuracy and detail. Our lightweight technology is the perfect tool for amazing capturing of data.

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More information on our 3D Laser Scanning Equipment

Our portable handheld laser scanning is ideal for your large-scale scanning services as it captures everything in quality and swiftly as it would with a terrestrial laser scanner, a faster and more affordable solution.

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