Bristol Drone Surveys

Are you looking for topographical or aerial surveys in Bristol?  There are many reasons why drone surveys could be your best choice.  Bristol drone surveying is quick, comprehensive and cost-effective.  It is the safest and most precise way to plan for land and buildings from overhead.

Using the latest in 3D laser scanning technology, our UAVs and drones can take photos and topographical surveys with ultra-precise measurements and data delivered to you in formats at your request.  Want to see your project from up on high?  Drone surveying in Bristol is easy and affordable to arrange.  Why not get in touch with our drone surveying company to learn more?

Bristol drone surveying and roof surveying allows you to take a closer look at buildings and land from up above.  Using unmanned vehicles, our team will deploy drones into the sky and take detailed maps and plans of the areas you wish to record. 

Drones and UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, will capture measurements and points using laser technology and scanners.  These will aim downwards and carefully scan an area with incredible precision and accuracy.  A drone roof survey is often the most cost-effective and reliable way to take imagery and mapping from high above a site.

A full Bristol UAV survey could benefit you in a variety of ways.  For example:

  • They can be used to carefully plan for project building and land analysis. There’s no need to use complicated or expensive equipment to take stills or videos from above.
  • Drone surveying services are cost-effective. Planning for aerial photography is costly in terms of equipment and physical labour.  For a one-off fee, you will receive precise maps and scans of wide areas that are hard to account for.
  • Drone surveying in Bristol will remove the need for any estimations of guesswork. Plan your projects and land analysis without fear of losing money, time, or client confidence.

Drone surveying Bristol and elsewhere can benefit planning and project analysis in a variety of different ways.

  • Drones and UAVs can be used to help plan for public services. Need to develop on wide land or public areas?  Get up in the air and take a comprehensive survey of your full, potential space.
  • Drone surveys are useful for planning around hazards such as slopes and landslides. These may be difficult to account for down on the ground.
  • You may also use drone surveys to help plan cartography and mapping. Up to date and accurate map planning is easy to achieve through precise drone data capture.
  • Town planners and community project managers can also use drones to analyse built-up zones and to plan for risk and costs involved.

Bristol drone survey mapping costs can vary depending on what you need, and various project factors.  The following could impact how much you pay:

  • The location of your project, building or land
  • How much land you need to survey
  • Your closeness to public sites and transport
  • The type of building or land being surveyed
  • Accessibility to your land or project

Do remember, however, that we strive to offer cost-effective 3D laser scanning and drone surveying in all that we do.

You will receive drone building survey and land analysis results in the following formats:

  • Orthomosaic files (.html, .tiff, .kml, .jpg, .png)
  • 3D point cloud (.las, .ply, .xyz, .laz)
  • DSM models (.tiff, .xyz, .laz, .las)
  • Contours and lining (.shp, .dxf, .pdf)
  • 3D texture mesh (.obj, .pdf, .dxf, .ply, .fbx)

Safe Drone Surveying

We are responsible and authorised drone survey experts.  Therefore, all the work we undertake takes your safety and ours into full account.  We offer a reliable, accountable service.

Make sure to learn more about our 3D laser scanning services by calling our team or contacting us via web form now.  Let Bristol Measured Survey be your only contact in a leading 3D laser scanning company.


If you need to get a Drone Survey underway in Bristol, it’s time to get in touch. Call us now or book a free quote online without obligation.

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