Bristol Drone Surveys

Are you looking for a drone survey or a topo survey in Bristol? Bristol Measured survey provides drone survey services which are swift, effective and comprehensive. A secure and precise surveying service to access limited sites, no matter the condition.

Using the latest in 3D laser scanning technology, our UAVs and drones can take high-quality imagery and capture accurate data to deliver in formats at your request. Save time and find a secure process to capture data from above for sites with limited access.

Bristol drone surveying and roof surveying allow you to look closer at buildings and land from above. Using unmanned vehicles, our team will deploy drones into the sky and take detailed maps and plans of the required area and project.

Drones and UAVs will capture measurements and points accurately. A drone roof survey is often the most cost-effective and reliable way to take imagery and mapping from high above a site.

A full Bristol drone survey could benefit you in a variety of ways:

  • They can be used to plan for project building and land analysis carefully. Even on the largest projects, with limited access sites and fragile conditions, drone surveying will be your best solution.
  • Drone surveying services are cost-effective and accurate. Planning for aerial photography is costly in terms of equipment and physical labour. For a one-off fee, you will receive precise maps and scans of vast areas that are hard to account for.
  • Drone surveying in Bristol will remove the need for any estimations of guesswork. Plan your projects and land analysis, eliminating the risk of human-error through trustworthy laser scanning technology. 

Find various applications for drone surveying when using Bristol Measured Survey:

  • Drones and UAVs can be used to help the planning and development of land. It will cover a large scope efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Drone surveys are useful for planning hazards such as slopes and landslides. These may be difficult to account for down on the ground, so the secure option is drone surveying.
  • You may also use drone surveys to help plan cartography and mapping. Up-to-date and accurate map planning is easy to achieve through precise drone data capture.
  • Town planners and community project managers can also use drones to analyse built-up zones and plan for the risks and costs involved.

Bristol drone survey mapping costs can vary depending on your needs and various project factors. The following could impact how much you pay:

  • The location of your project, building or land
  • The scale and size of your project
  • The required level of detail you need for deliverables
  • Accessibility to your land or project
  • The required format such as 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings, site plans, and 3D models

You will receive information and land analysis results from a done survey in the following formats:

  • Orthomosaic files (.html, .tiff, .kml, .jpg, .png)
  • 3D point cloud (.las, .ply, .xyz, .laz)
  • DSM models (.tiff, .xyz, .laz, .las)
  • Contours and lining (.shp, .dxf, .pdf)
  • 3D texture mesh (.obj, .pdf, .dxf, .ply, .fbx)

Our Qualified Drone Surveying Professionals

We are responsible and authorised drone survey experts in Bristol. Therefore, all our work takes efficiency, safety and accuracy into consideration and is the utmost priority. We use leading drone technology to operate drone surveys and roof inspections.

Obtain highly accurate and detailed deliverables through the captured aerial images of drone surveying. Our professionals will deliver a full assessment of your site project or building’s conditions through a 3D point cloud, as built 2D drawings or a 3D model. 

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

Nancita Rumbaoa
Nancita Rumbaoa
Requested a measured building survey and received a quote the next day. Not only are they responsive and care about informing their customers, they also deliver exceptional results with such a quick turnaround. I’m very happy on how the BIM model turned out and will without a doubt contact again!

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