How can an Underground Utility Survey help your Project?

How can an Underground Utility Survey help your Project?

About Underground Survey

Underground survey involves generating digital representations of the subsurface utility infrastructure in a project site using laser scanning technology before beginning construction work. An underground survey service is conducted by using the latest laser scanning technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electro-magnetic Locators, and other laser scanners. The survey maps the depth and position of the subsurface objects and utilities efficiently and accurately before excavations. It’s easy to look at the general picture and only focus on the surface of the land when planning a build project. We overlook that there’s an entire world beneath our feet, one with piping, drainage systems and many more features such as manholes. So, how can an underground survey help you?

How Underground Survey can help your Project

Underground survey can help your project as follows:

  • Design and Planning: Underground survey enhances a smoother design and planning process. The survey provides in-depth data of the objects and utilities below the ground. There will be no need for adjustments to the design as the designers use the sufficient information from underground survey to incorporate everything at once. This provides a more reliable and accurate representation of the subsurface utility infrastructures that planners can use to approximate the cost and time for the underground-related project phases.
  • Cost-Efficiency and Timely Completion of projects: Cost-and-time saving ensures that there are no project overruns experienced. There are no ‘surprise’ discoveries of utilities and objects during a project construction process, enabling cost-efficiency and timely completion of the project.
  • Health and Safety: By understanding your work-site properly, you can minimise risks of incidents, prevent accidents, and deter service strikes by workers. When you perform underground utility survey, you improve the safety of workers in the construction site as well as the general public.
  • Conducting underground surveys on your site excludes the need for underground inspections, which are not only time-consuming but also involves additional project costs for the process of inspection. Also, the underground survey produces more accurate and reliable results compared to inspection.
  • Help comply with the requirements of PAS 128 standards, the requirement for construction projects in the UK providing the necessary evidence of the absence or presence of the underground utilities at a construction site.

What can happen if an underground survey is not done?

When underground survey is not done for a construction site, a serious risk of utility strikes. This can lead to health hazards to the workers and become an irreversible mistake when dealing with pipework and systems below. It also increases the risk of time and cost overruns when unexpected complications arise.

Why choose Bristol Measured Surveys for your underground utility surveys

Our specialists use the latest technology to deliver a highly detailed and accurate underground survey for your project design and planning. We use high standard survey equipment that guarantee precise deliverables presented to you in a swift and efficient manner.

How can we help you?

Contact Bristol Measured Survey and receive the most accurate and reliable underground utility survey service. Feel free to check on our services for more information.