3D Laser Scanning in BIM: Exploring Its Different Applications

3D Laser Scanning in BIM: Exploring Its Different Applications

When you’re in such a highly competitive industry like construction and engineering, you know that time is money and every resource saved is also money saved.
That is why technologies like 3D laser scanning have been embraced in the industry for many years now because they make surveys fast, convenient and budget friendly. What firm doesn’t want all these benefits of laser scanning anyway?
Because of the ease of hiring a Bristol 3D laser scanning company, this surveying method has now gone beyond the simple rendering of a building. Here are some of the many applications of 3D laser scanning in BIM:

• Construction

Building laser scanning was first used in construction works where instead of traditional surveying methods, a survey laser was used to collect accurate measurements of a structure that’s then rendered into a 3D BIM model to be used in planning and monitoring construction projects.
Some of its uses include structural analysis where data is used to detect any deterioration on an existing structure and deformation control that allows for easier costing for repairs.
Moreover, it also allows progress monitoring where accurate data and rendering makes it easy to track the progress of a project and provide proper documentation for future inspections.

• Architecture

Architects love using laser scanning for investigation, inspection and planning of different projects.
Unlike conducting a traditional survey, a laser scanning company in Bristol is capable of creating a 3D virtual space that makes it easier for a design to be presented to clients and any changes can be made before a design is finalised.
Virtual reality using 3D laser scanning can even be used for entertainment where scenes can be simulated instead of spending a lot of money designing and building a real set. This keeps stuntmen safe and budgets a lot lower when creating movies.

• Engineering

3D laser scanning has also proved to be beneficial in the engineering sector, especially in reverse engineering projects where an accurate rendering of the original model using a laser point cloud can help with making sure that the exact component is reproduced.
Engineers have used the services of a reliable Bristol laser scanning company like us for years because of how we can help save on time and finances by speeding up the survey process while making sure that the most accurate data is provided to create a solid CAD or BIM model.
Our service is also capable of measuring surfaces that cannot be accessed by humans, and you get a very detailed representation of a structure with all its components that can be used for different purposes during an engineering project.

• Civil

Roadways can be quite taxing to measure because of their span and width, not to mention the many dangers a surveying team needs to go through to get accurate measurements of these roads.
It is one of the biggest benefits of laser scanning because we can take care of surveying roadways in a short amount of time. It also provides accurate roadway data that can be compared to existing data to determine any signs of deterioration that needs to be addressed to promote roadway safety. The information we provide is also very helpful in determining the cost of repairs or replacements, so that project managers can present a more accurate budget.

• Law

3D laser scanning has already gone beyond engineering, architecture, and construction because it is now widely used by different law enforcement agencies around the world.
One of the biggest benefits of laser scanning in investigation is the recreation of a crime scene, doing bloodstain pattern analysis and even determining bullet trajectories that help with solving crimes.
Laser scanning for investigation is also very helpful in understanding bombings, plane crashes and even accidents because data provided can be translate into the representation of these scenarios to help the authorities make better decisions when investigating and solving these crimes.

It’s also easier to present a case in court with an accurate representation of a crime scene or crash site. You can also check out some other applications for 3D laser scanning here.

Final Takeaway

3D laser scanning in Bristol has definitely come a long way since it was first introduced to the market. You can find history and applications for 3D laser scanners here. You can also get in touch with us to learn more about our 3D laser scanning service and how we can help you.