How Can 3D Laser Scanning Prevent Mistakes In Construction Projects?

How Can 3D Laser Scanning Prevent Mistakes In Construction Projects?

Mistakes can happen in any construction project and the cost of rework can account for up to 15% of the total cost. Fortunately though, you can now highlight any potential issues even before they turn into change orders, which greatly reduce the main contractor’s risk.
It can be done via frequent 3D laser scanning. Perhaps you are not that familiar with this technology yet but a lot of surveying firms are already looking toward the benefits that they can get out of 3D laser scanning and measured building survey companies.

Understanding 3D laser scanning

Surveying firms believe that 3D laser survey can ensure that subcontractors have complied with the deliverables in the contract. That is because a comprehensive 3D laser survey is actually the exact replica of the building at the time when a scan was made.

According to a surveying firm executive, it keeps contractors honest. Moreover, it can reduce the change orders coming out of construction projects that are usually poorly documented without laser scanning and done manually.

If you want to reduce conflict on building projects within the construction industry, it is important to have transparency of information sharing. At some point, laser scans can get additional information about a specific aspect of construction. Thus, a corrective action can be done.

Communication in project management

Clear, precise communication is needed for this industry, so it is essential to find systems and software to track project management efficiently. The use of 3D BIM models is excellent to annotate, plan and track projects so it is highly recommended for project managers.

For instance, when an accurate model of a concrete slab can identify areas that require attention, such as surface areas that are not flat, software can provide the volume of materials needed to adjust the level. This in turn can reduce waste as it provides accuracy and efficiency.
Since it can provide accurate scan data at the millimetre level, it will be easier to verify all the components installed at the right locations. So, if errors are identified, the design can be revised and new components can be fabricated instead of having to carry out remedial work onsite.
These can be advantageous to building owners and clients as they can use it after the turnover of the building project for management and maintenance purposes and for future renovation work.

Handling construction mistakes

When a construction mistake happens, having a plan of action will quickly address the issue to lower the amount of damage, prevent extensive rework, and make sure the rest of the construction project is accomplished on time.
Construction companies need to focus on these best practices to aid in getting the building project back on track.

• Take responsibility
• Document mistakes thoroughly
• Communication with the team
• Make appropriate repair schedule
• Perform assessment of project risk

Using 3D laser scanning in construction

The use of laser scanning is referred to as high-definition surveying, which provides high accuracy and efficiency mapping using laser beams for quick capture of the complete details of the building construction project.
A detailed 3D representation of the building project is known as the point cloud, originally applied in industrial plant facility construction and maintenance. Today, laser scanning has become a reliable tool for building construction and building information modelling.
Laser scanners capture reality with very high efficiency, which are quite useful in applications to provide added value. In the BIM market, the use of 3D laser scanners can be applied in new constructions and renovations. There are 3D laser scanners that has error accuracy of +/-1mm, with being the fastest laser scanner to fulfil your needs.
Construction teams are beginning to understand the speed, accuracy, and efficiency that laser scanning can provide compared to traditional surveys. So, when the results are taken into BIM, the possibilities will become virtually endless.

Hiring measured survey services

Finding trustworthy companies such as Bristol Measured Survey with the latest technology will give you concrete results, avoid the change of error, inaccuracy and mistake with the production of as-built 2d plans and the measurements contained.

With help from a measured building survey, you will be able to cut costs by using reliable services from the very beginning, disabling the risk of mistakes throughout.

You can assess and keep track of accurate records. Using measured building survey services will also guarantee precise and detailed measurements and documentation for as built 2D floor plans, from pre- to post-construction.