The Use of BIM Services in Your Construction Projects

The Use of BIM Services in Your Construction Projects

The construction and architecture industry has continuously reaped the advantages of the high technologies in the 21st century including the use of BIM. With increasing urbanization Building Information Modelling or BIM is now a requirement in construction projects among leading countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, China, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and France.

BIM is driving the change in infrastructure and construction projects. It fixes the industries inefficiency and allows further opportunities to be explored due to its efficiency in time. Now, most contractors, engineers, designers, architects, and developers would require the use of 3D BIM models for facility maintenance and management.

Obviously, BIM brings competitive advantages from the design to the post-construction phase. Many public and government projects are now utilising BIM services to improve work efficiency as well as being on the edge of the competition.

Why Use BIM in Infrastructure and Construction?

BIM allows contractors, engineers, architects, and designers to plan, design, and build a structure using one 3D model. In addition, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is also used in facility or property management after a building is constructed. In one platform, all the details related to a specific project are stored and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
BIM brings all the information of all the components of a project in one space. By integrating all these details members of the team can access these data for analysis, when changes on the design are required, or when data about the materials used for repair or renovation is needed.

Forget about the traditional drawings and jumping from one set of plans to another. Leverage the accessibility of modern technology like BIM services from the experts like Bristol Measured Survey and enjoy the following benefits:

Cost Predictability

Architecture and construction professionals have been using the old school drawings for decades and only have shifted to 2D in recent years. Although these methods work, there are still issues that have not been addressed leaving contractors and clients disappointed due to cost and time wastage.

With the use of detailed 3D BIM models, engineers and contractors are able to accurately visualize all the elements for decision making including the exact cost of the project.

With high accuracy, you have access to all the needed data for decision making. Also, engineers and designers can work on different materials without having to do the actual construction, which saves money on labour and material costs.

Workflow Efficiency

As noted, BIM allows participants of the project to have access to all information without the need to view different pieces of information. The use of a single data set means edits, changes, updates, or modifications made are automatically reflected on the database. Teams can work on the same data from different locations.

Client Engagement During the Design Process

BIM automatically creates 3D BIM models which can be presented to the client for review. These precise 3D BIM models allow clients to have virtual visualisation of the project even before the launch of the project, enabling them to explore and suggest improvements resulting in happier and satisfied clients.

Shortened Project Completion

Since ocular visits are reduced, potential issues are addressed, and communication is carried out virtually, this will allow efficient workflow and faster project completion.

Shortened Project Completion

A digital copy of the details and relevant information about the building can be forwarded to the property manager after the construction for management and future repairs. The digital copy will enable the repairs team to provide essential solutions should some hazards and dangers need to be addressed.
3D BIM model services have increasingly dominated the market anywhere. Regardless, if you are working on a small or large-scale project, you should utilise the positive impacts of BIM for enhanced outcomes.

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