Why Is 3D Laser Scanning Technology Ideal for Historical Properties?

Why Is 3D Laser Scanning Technology Ideal for Historical Properties?

Historical landmarks are part of every country’s roots and culture. These old structures may just be remnants of the past, but they also represent an era that helped shape a city or a country and a reminder of the humble beginnings of a place that already revolved to what it is now.
Over the last few years, more countries have made conscious efforts in preserving their historical landmarks not only for tourism but also as a way of educating future generations about their past.
It has paved the way for historical landmark preservation where these old structures are assessed to determine the best way to keep in good shape for a longer time and this process is best done with the help of 3D laser scanning.

Immortalising historical data through 3D laser scan

Let’s face it; there’s no exact timeline for the life span of a historical structure. For instance, no one ever thought that the famous Notre-Dame de Paris that has been a symbol of Paris for centuries would fall apart because it has always been there. Plus, restorations have been conducted for many years to keep it in the best shape. But in 2015, Parisians watched in horror as flames engulfed the well-loved cathedral and burned its famous roof, spire, and upper walls.

If you think of it, restoring the Notre Dame to its former glory would be close to impossible.

Being built centuries ago, you won’t find the original plans for this building anymore, and a lot of restorations, improvements and additions have been made through the years that getting everything back to its original façade would be a huge task for architects.
Thankfully, there’s 3D laser scanning service to save the day for this humongous restoration project.

In 2015, Andrew Tallon, an American professor of art at Vassar College visited the Notre Dame as part of a study on how medieval builders built some of Europe’s greatest cathedrals.
Here, he used a 3D laser scan to digitally preserve every square inch of the Notre Dame cathedral and rendered the data through a point cloud survey. This valuable data now plays a crucial role in the cathedral’s restoration because it offers every single information needed about the structure.

Creating smarter restoration plans with 3D laser scan

3D Laser Scanning is one of only few technologies that offers you the ability to capture every detail of a structure, which is imperative in creating a smart restoration plan for historical buildings.
With the help of a 3D laser scanning service, builders can photograph a space together with data capture to make sure that even the minute details such as window casings, cladding and trims are captured with great accuracy.
Only 3D laser scan will be able to re-create a historical building with absolute detail so restoration projects can be done efficiently while keeping costs and manpower as low as possible.

This is why more contractors, engineers and architects are now hiring a measured building survey company to help them perform these scans and render them into as built 2D AutoCAD drawings through a point cloud survey.

A 3D laser scan is also beneficial for green renovations that allow for historical buildings to be renovated or restored through eco-friendly measures. By having a detailed representation of a historical structure, it would be easier for experts to determine their needs in terms of being more environmentally conscious while keeping costs manageable.
With the help of 3D laser scanning service, many building owners have also realized that going green isn’t really difficult or expensive as long as you have the right tools to get things done.

The takeaway

At the end of the day, 3D laser scanning offers a completely new perspective to preserving historical landmarks around the world.
That is why the technology is increasingly used for historical renovations and restorations because they allow for more efficiency in these projects while making sure that all the details that make these historical buildings such gems for different cities and countries would be kept in their original design.

By working with a 3D laser scanning company, builders have the edge of knowing exactly what they’re looking at and how the finished product would be. Contact us today if you are looking for 3D laser scanning services to preserve historical properties.