What Do We Use For Our 3D Laser Scanning Services?

Choose a 3D laser scanning Bristol company working with the best tools and services

When it comes to 3D laser scanning services, you are going to need confidence in the best tools for the job.  Whether you are looking for a measured building survey, point cloud scans or as built 2D AutoCAD drawings, precision is everything.  Why would you ever work with anything less than the best?  Human measurement and spatial management alone can be extremely inaccurate.  However, so can using inferior hardware and software.

Our team is well-versed in a variety of industry-leading tools and software staples.  Not only can you rely on us as a leading 3D laser scanning Bristol company and our years of experience, you have our word that we will only work with world-leading brands and services.  This way, we can always deliver incredible confidence and precise results to all our customers.  Why should you ever pay out for anything other than the most accurate spatial planning services?

If you are looking for Bristol 3D laser scanning services, it’s time you took a closer look at some of the best tools and brands experts are currently putting to the test.

Why Work With FARO Technology?

There are many different standards out there which 3D laser scanning services swear by.  However, FARO, for us, remains to most efficient, proficient and innovative engineering team on the planet.  We want to be able to deliver hyper-accurate drawings, plans and BIMs to our customers within 2mm accuracy on either side of a plot.  This way, unlike with human measurements and data capture, you can be sure that you are receiving the most accurate and most reliable information possible.

FARO technology is available to specific 3D laser scanning services like ours for purposes of long-range scans and for highly detailed drawings.  We’re able to derive a variety of different files, deliverables and types from our scanning, all of which can be put to use in leading software.  As a 3D laser scanning Bristol company that thousands of designers, architects and project teams rely on, we want to make sure that the services we provide are the best available across the city.

Therefore, you have our assurance that we will never work with less than global leaders in 3D laser scanning. Are you looking for a measured building survey and Bristol 3D laser scanning services at short notice? We’re always available to help. Contact our team now either via our helpline or via email, and we will be sure to put FARO’s best technology to the test for you and your project.