Point Cloud Surveys – Are They Worth It?

Architectural design is always changing. With technology always evolving, it makes sense that more and more of us are moving towards quicker, more sophisticated ways of measuring and planning physical projects and designs. Why spend time physically measuring and mapping out a space or area when you can rely on technology for greater accuracy? A measured building survey from Bristol 3D laser scanning services could really make all the difference to the outcome of your project.

However, 3D laser scanning Bristol practices depend on a variety of different tools and data. One of the key factors in any 3D laser scan is point cloud data. Point cloud information exports from 3D laser scanners to produce adaptable, flexible information for use across a variety of software, such as AutoDesk Revit. Point cloud data is so-called because it contains millions of points. When you need to accurately map out any kind of 3D object or space, you need to start plotting points.

Point Cloud in Practice

Point cloud survey technology is quick and precise. By using the best FARO 3D laser scanner tools, a surveyor will scan the entirety of a 3D project, object or area, and then translate this into tangible data which will export into multiple suites and programs.

Point cloud is immensely popular because it is, crucially, much like taking down data by hand – but to an incredible degree of accuracy. Once you scan an area or space, point cloud data of that area will then be available for you to manipulate and modify as you see fit. One of the huge benefits to this is the fact that you will receive accurate capture within a single millimetre.
While it may seem tempting to try and measure and capture all your data by hand, it’s massively inefficient. In your line of work, it surely makes sense to capture data and information as quickly and as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, efficiency and accuracy don’t always come hand in hand! That’s why so many architects and designers rely on point cloud and 3D laser scanning to ensure they receive fantastic data at a fraction of the time it would normally take to achieve.

Could Point Cloud Save Money?

In many cases, point cloud and 3D laser scanning Bristol services could actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Think about all the money you would normally spend on manpower getting measurements down in planning. Think also, too, about how much time you will normally spend on projects in general if you need to take down data manually. Isn’t this time that should be better spent on other things and other jobs?

It bears noting that a 3D laser scan will take a lot of hassle and queries off your plate. It’s a great way to make sure that your client receives the best confidence in your work. The more accurately you conduct your work, the more leverage you will have in being able to adjust your pricing. The better the work you do, generally, the more money you can make.
Imagine if you could produce more accurate, more reliable project support and guidance in less time. With 3D laser scanning Bristol practices, you can take down all the data you need from a physical area or project and then work with said information in any way you see fit.
The efficiency, accuracy and flexibility of point cloud data are hugely beneficial in the modern market. Therefore, instead of relying on traditional means, and risking projects taking twice or three times as long to process, it makes sense to adopt modern technology from a team who can support you.

Hire Bristol 3D Laser Scanning Services

If you are a Bristol architect looking for new ways to claim accurate designs and plans in all you do, you should turn to 3D laser scans. Using the best tools to produce the most accurate point cloud survey data, you can rely on us to make a genuine, beneficial difference to your work.
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