How 3D Laser Scanning Benefits Architectural and Construction Projects

How 3D Laser Scanning Benefits Architectural and Construction Projects

We’ve come a long way since the first builders created structures centuries ago. Today, architectural and engineering projects happen like the speed of lighting, all because of the fast-paced growth of technology and industrialisation.

But with such extensive improvements in technology, there are still a lot of challenges for architectural and engineering firms, especially when it comes to gathering accurate measurements of objects and environments that play a role in the efficiency of their projects. Then comes 3D laser scanning, a process that has been hugely beneficial in completing architectural and engineering projects accurately and efficiently.

3D laser scanning

The concept behind 3D laser scanning service is simple. You take an object or environment, run it through a 3D laser scanner and get extremely accurate measurements in no time. While tape measures and other handheld devices have been used in collecting data for architectural and engineering projects, 3D laser scanning allows for faster and more accurate measurements, no matter what the size or shape of an object.

In a 3D laser scan, two sensor cameras are used to record every point in the laser light of a 3D scanner to produce millions of measurement points or coordinates marked as X (easting), Y (northing) and Z (elevation). A 3D scanner can take exact measurements at any point within the point cloud.

The uses of 3D laser scanning


Aside from providing accurate data that help architects create more efficient designs for buildings and other structures, 3D laser scanning is also extremely beneficial during the construction process itself where conflicts between systems are avoided through remote coordination between different experts.

Data collected from the 3D scan are rendered in as built AutoCAD drawings (or plans) that can be shared between plumbers, electricians, engineers and architects to make sure that everyone has the same goals and the project could go smoothly. It also eliminates risks, delays and other problems that would have been unavoidable without the help of 3D laser scanning.

Renovations, retrofits and operations

Aside from being beneficial during the architectural and construction process, data gathered from 3D laser scanning to point cloud 3D scanning services also proves to be extremely beneficial in the upkeep of the building and in future renovations, additions and retrofits.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning Bristol practices have already been proven beneficial in a lot of industries—from animation to manufacturing. But perhaps no industry has benefited more from this technology than architecture and construction.


Data collected from a point cloud survey helps streamline processes and improve coordination within an architectural or construction project. By having a clear and accurate representation of a jobsite, experts can make faster and better decisions and it also promotes better collaborations between teams to ensure the best results for a project.

Manual labour reduction

Unlike manual measurements where a lot of people and equipment are needed, 3D laser scanning only requires a 3D scanner and some operators to get the job done with a high level of accuracy. It also eliminates the need for architects, engineers and surveyors to make multiple visits to the site to verify information and create plans.

Accuracy and cost efficiency

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using 3D laser scanning in architecture and construction is the ability to get accurate information without the cost. Although using this technology can be pricey, you can always find a good 3D laser scanning Bristol company to get the job done for you instead of buying equipment yourself. 3D laser scanning also helps gather data fast so analysis and rendering can be done in no time.

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